General Questions

U3A is the University of the Third Age.

The organisation connects seniors t lifelong learning.

Membership is open to all individuals over the age of 50 years.

All you need to do is go online to your local u3A website and follow the directions.

U3A provides an online site where people can participate in all sorts of educational activities.

Technical Questions

This U3A - Online Services Portal is accessible from any computer or mobile device that is internet enabled. There are no restrictions on the type of operating system.

The video conferencing system currently supports one of the following browsers:
- Chrome
- Chromium
- Opera
- Firefox Nightly

When Apple releases the required browser plugin you will then be able to use Safari as well. We will notify you when that occurs.

Your image on the top right, of the U3A site, has a small round indicator that displays your 'presence status' on the site. There are three conditions that can be displayed:
- available (on-line) = green
- busy (online but do-not-disturb) = white
- not available (off-line) = red

The displayed condition can be changed to assist other members who may want to communicate with you in real-time. This status condition is visible to all members when performing various searches on the this site and where your image is displayed.

Financial Questions

Yes. There is a small Membership fee involved.

Your donations and any advertising revenue help sustain the technical infrastructure required to maintain this global U3A initiative.

U3A is funded from government grants, donations from members and revenue generated from advertising within the site.

Donations can be made via the "PLEASE DONATE' button on the welcome page of this site.

For donors in Australia donations are tax deductible.

Some services are and some are not. Each type of service will clearly display if there are any associated costs. So the member will always know in advance of any paid-for-services.

In general the more the membership utilises the services provided through this site the greater the benefits that can be disbursed to the members.

Site Development

Members can create their own 'Posts' (publications) by clicking the 'TOOLS' button and then 'create post'.

Posts can be created as:
- a blog
- a news item
- a bulletin item
- an announcement
- an event

Each 'Post' type has publication requirements and will be made available shortly.

There are three PINBOARDS on this site that can be populated by 'Posts':
- Administration Pinboard (used by U3A staff to provide association related information)
- Community Pinboard (used by any community member to general community related information)
- My Pinboard (the information that you personally posted on the Community Pinboard)

'U3A Posts' can be viewed by clicking:
       'COMMUNITY' > 'U3A Information” > 'U3A Pinboard'
'Community Posts' can be viewed by clicking:
       'COMMUNITY' > 'Community Information” > 'Community Pinboard'
'Personal Posts' can be viewed by clicking:
       'COMMUNITY' > 'My Information” > 'My Pinboard'

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